Wedding Officiant

An officiant can be provided by Dogwood Canyon to perform your wedding ceremony. Please ask your wedding coordinator for more information. You are allowed to bring in your own officiant, but there will be no deduction in the package price.

A State of Missouri marriage license is required for all weddings at Dogwood Canyon. Couples are required to obtain and bring their own marriage license and are responsible for mailing in all paperwork. A marriage license may be obtained from any county in Missouri. The closest counties to Dogwood Canyon is Greene County Recorder’s Office (417) 868-4068 or Taney County Recorder’s Office (417) 546-7234. 

Guidelines to obtain a Marriage License:

  • The couple is required to fill out an application in person, together and can apply at any county recorder’s office in the State of Missouri to be allowed to marry anywhere in the state of Missouri
  • The couple must have two forms of State or Government issued identification
  • There is no waiting period to obtain your license; you will receive it at the time of application
  • Parties must be over 18 or have parental consent and provide two forms of identification
  • The license expires 30 days after the license is received
  • Proof of divorce decree must be submitted for parties in which this is applicable
  • If widowed, date of spouse’s death must be submitted for parties in which this is applicable


The first parcels of the property were acquired in 1990 by Johnny Morris, founder/CEO of Bass Pro Shops. The park is owned and managed by the Dogwood Canyon Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the canyon’s natural plant and wildlife environment. The Foundation promotes environmental conservation by maintaining the park and providing the public with an unspoiled setting for exploration and the enjoyment of various outdoor activities.

The purposes of the Dogwood Canyon Foundation are to promote natural conservation, and to protect the natural environment and its wildlife and plant life by acquiring and maintaining ecologically significant, undeveloped land to benefit the general public. To achieve its purpose, the Foundation owns, operates and maintains Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.